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30 August 1985
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My Wonderful Doggie ^_^""!

~*~Hugs~*~ Total!
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Happy Bunnys are Evil Love!

Snagged this colorbar from dewinter :) If taking, please credit her okay? ^^

Cruel Intentions is dirty little secret love!

Daria is sarcasm in brown hair love!

Snagged these two colorbars from obscene_beauty :) If taking please credit her too :)

I am South Korean and I loved.

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Love, like humans, comes in all forms, both of which were created by God. We are simply all sexual.

This colorbar made by lilvalleydoll and is BRILLIANT.

I have claimed Bijou, Mareep and Hello Kitty at anime_critters! Join and claim yours today!



dublinskies Very Cute

I am the proud owner of Pidgeotto ^_^'' at pokemonclaims!!!

I'd *love* to love you baby.....Someday, I'ma love you.....
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